Deal or No Deal Slots by GSN

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Written By On April 18th, 2013

All the people who enjoyed watching the popular game show Deal or No Deal will now have the opportunity to play slots games based on this show. This exciting new slot game is being launched by GSN on Facebook. The game will have high-quality display and audio features, and it will be suitable for players of all ages.

The features of the latest Slot by GSN

This video slot will have all the popular features of the exciting game show Deal or No Deal, such as the deal button, and the banker. This slot game will have 5 reels and 15 paylines, and the players will have the opportunity to win large payouts with the help of the various symbols placed in the game. This game has approximately 3 mini symbols, and when a player spots these symbols in the game, he or she will enter the Deal or No Deal mini game.

In the mini game bonus round, the players will be able to play up to 8 rounds, and during each of the rounds, the players will have to eliminate one briefcase. While the player is eliminating the briefcase, he or she will get options from the banker at every stage. If the player accepts the offer from the banker, the game will end right there, however, if the game continues until the last elimination, the player will receive the number of tokens that are placed in the last briefcase.

GSN – promoting superior gaming technology through its slot games

According to the developers of this game, the company has used the latest GSN Digital technology in order to develop this game. So, this game will have very high-resolution graphics, and the players will be able to experience the television show through it. The company is very happy with the way the final game has turned out, and it has decided to launch it in the US, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, and even Germany.

According to the Executive Vice President of the company, Jeff Karp, this slot game is a great combination of traditional and latest slot game features. He feels that the mini game feature introduced within the slot game will stand out for the players, as it if very different from the traditional bonus rounds in slot games. The developers of the television show Deal or No Deal, Endemol is extremely excited about this slot game as well. According to the Managing Director of Endemol, Jurian Van Der Meer, this slot game represents the popularity of their television show, and the fact that GSM has produced a high quality slot game based on it, means a lot to the company. Endemol is happy with its association with GSM, as GSM uses interesting technology in order to develop its games, and it is popular in various parts of the world as well. This game is currently available on the GSM gaming app on Facebook that already has multiple slot games in it.

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